Monday, June 15, 2009

2004 Chevy Suburban - Just in Time for Vacation

This '04 Suburban got the works for entertaining the kids(and adults) on a long road trip. We replaced the factory stereo with a Pioneer AVIC-F90BT. This unit gives you alot for your dollar. It comes with a powerful navigation system. No need to insert a navigation disc - the AVIC-F90BT stores it navigation maps in its flash memory. Its maps can be updated through the memory card slot. You can make hands-free calls easily, thanks to the built-in bluetooth receiver and Pioneer's Conversational Voice Control. The intelligent voice recognition software recognizes your intent and prompts you for addtional information. Add a Pioneer iPod adapter, and you can use voice commands to search your iPod for music by artist, album, genre or playlists. Now moving to the rear of this vehicle you will find a 13" TFT Flipdown monitor. This will keep the kids in the middle row occupied. For the kids in the 3rd row, we installed 2 headrest monitors. These monitors have their own DVD player. The addition of a game port for their Ninetendo Wii completes the video installation. To aid in backing up this large suburban, we installed a backup camera along with audible backup sensors. As soon as the vehicle is put into reverse the AVIC-F90BT engages the backup camera for the driver to see as they are backup up.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

1969 Chevy Chevelle - XM Satellite Radio and Aux-In jack for Ipod

We installed an XM Commander Satellite Radio and a Aux-In jack into this vehicle.
The XM Commander can be installed an any vehicle with a FM Stereo. The compact display has an easy to read 4 line display. It comes with a wireless remote and the TuneSelect feature alerts you when any of your favorite songs or artists are playing.
We mounted the display on a hinge just under the dash. The owner can easily fold the display out of the way when he wants to show the vehicle in its original form. The 1/4" Aux-In jack was discreetly mounted in the glove box. This will allow for any type of MP3 Player.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

BMW Z4 Roadster - Aux-In jack for Ipod

We installed an Aux-In jack for this customer to listen to his iPod. He did not want to change the look of the factory stereo so this was a great option. The 1/4" jack is mounted in the glove box and works with an iPod or any other type of digital player.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

GPS Vehicle Tracking installed for Reliance Plumbing Fleet Vehicles

We installed updated GPS Tracking devices for the Reliance Plumbing Fleet Vehicles, including their Bobcat. GPS Tracking allows you to increase service capacity without growing labor and vehicle provisioning. This system allows you to monitor SPEEDING, letting you know if the vehicle exceeds set limits to reduce fuel and insurance costs. This system has GEOFENCING, which allows you to know when a vehicle enters or exits a virtual fenced area that you set up. This system also monitors LATE START, EXCESS IDLE, unAUTHROIZED OFF-HOURS activity and LONG STOPS.