Wednesday, June 3, 2009

GPS Vehicle Tracking installed for Reliance Plumbing Fleet Vehicles

We installed updated GPS Tracking devices for the Reliance Plumbing Fleet Vehicles, including their Bobcat. GPS Tracking allows you to increase service capacity without growing labor and vehicle provisioning. This system allows you to monitor SPEEDING, letting you know if the vehicle exceeds set limits to reduce fuel and insurance costs. This system has GEOFENCING, which allows you to know when a vehicle enters or exits a virtual fenced area that you set up. This system also monitors LATE START, EXCESS IDLE, unAUTHROIZED OFF-HOURS activity and LONG STOPS.

Ford F-150 Lightning - JVC Double Din Navigation Install

We installed a JVC Arsenal KW-NT1 into a Ford F-150 Lightning. The JVC KW-NT1 navigation receiver fit perfectly into the double din dash opening. The unit has a big 6.1" screen that gives you touchscreen control over your whole system. It comes with DVD and CD playback, plus built-in flash memory that brings up your navigation maps quickly when you need them.

This JVC unit has an easy to use GPS navigation. You'll see turn by turn directions and enjoy access to over 6 million points of interest. Text-to-speech technology calls out the name of the street for your next turn. You can update you maps through the SD card slot. You can even copy your own points-of-interest from Google Maps on your home computer, then load them onto the KW-NT1 using the SD card.

This unit also comes with built-in Bluetooth technology so you can make safe hands-free calls in your vehicle.