Friday, September 16, 2011

Toyota Tundra - Headrest & Visor Video

This customer is getting his Toyota Tundra ready for a road trip with the family. Traffic Jamz installed a video screen for each member of the family. The two kids each have their own 7" video monitors. Each monitor is equip with an independent DVD player. No more fights about which movie to watch. The 5 year old boy can watch his Transformers movie while the 4 year old girl can watch one of her Disney princess movies. Each of the kids has wireless headphones. The headphones were upgraded for 2 channel reception for those times when both kids can agree on the same movie.

The wife(passenger) also got her own screen up front. This is a 12" widescreen monitor with its own DVD source. This monitor replaces the passenger visor. The picture quality on all these monitors is great! The whole family will enjoy their road trip and no one will ask "Are we there yet?"