Friday, March 19, 2010

Audi A8 - NAV-TV and Smoked Tail Lights

Nice Car! The smoked tail lights make it look HOT!!! Smoking the tail lights is a several layer process, untill the desire darkness is achieved. This customer also wanted to integrate a backup camera and aftermarket DVD player to play movies on his factory NAV screen. We are able to mount an aftermarket DVD player in the glove box right next to the factory nav system.

With a NAV-TV high quality multi-purpose backup camera interface we were able to turn this customers factory navigation screen into a backup camera, a movie screen and more! This interface also allows for Video in Motion and Audio/Video (i.e. ipod) control on the factory screen.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Police Scanner installed in Chevy Tahoe

This vehicle can into Traffic Jamz to fix an installed done else where. Traffic Jamz fixed the wiring on this customer's Kenwood double din navigation unit. The Viper 2-way alarm/remote start was not working so Traffic Jamz went through all the wiring and found the main problem to be a crushed relay pack. This customer was so happy with Traffic Jamz's problem solving skills and workmanship that he felt confident to have Traffic Jamz install a police scanner. We custom flush mounted the police scanner on the lower dash, below the navigation unit and the heater controls. The antenna was mounted on the driver's side rear window.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Chevy Colorado gets an in-dash Navigation system

We installed a Pioneer AVIC-X910BT in this contracts work truck. This navigation unit has a stored built-in flash memory so you won't have to insert a disc when you need directions. The System's text-to-speech function announces street names as you go, so you'll always know you're making the correct turn. This unit allows you to make hands-free calls easily with your phone using the receiver's built-in Bluetooth capability. Pioneer's Conversational Voice Control voice-recogniation software understands your request to make a phone call. Since we upgraded this customers headunit, we also recommended he upgrade his interior speakers. A set of Pioneer components were installed in the front doors replacing the weak factory speakers.